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This Week in Cleantech (11/10/23) — 'Motown' for EVs, wind turbine tech, and public power's setback

November 10, 2023 Renewable Energy World Season 1 Episode 76
Factor This!
This Week in Cleantech (11/10/23) — 'Motown' for EVs, wind turbine tech, and public power's setback
Show Notes

This Week in Cleantech is a new, weekly podcast covering the most impactful stories in cleantech and climate in 15 minutes or less.

This week’s episode features The Hill energy and environment reporter Zack Budryks for a deeper look at Maine's public power referendum.

This Week in Cleantech  — Nov. 10, 2023

This week's Cleantecher of the Week is Karl Shinn, the Site GM at Soluna’s Project Dorothy. Karl has led Soluna’s operations team in the company’s flagship green data center, which is helping set the foundation for renewable energy’s future. Project Dorothy has already used and monetized over 4,000 GWh of green energy that would otherwise have been wasted through curtailment. Congratulations to Karl Shinn, our Cleantecher of the Week.

1. Can America’s south-east unseat Detroit as ‘Motown’ of the EV age? — Financial Times
This wind turbine looks like nothing you've ever seen before — Fast Company
Who Will Pay For All the Carbon Removal? — WSJ Climate and Energy Newsletter
How the fossil-fuel lobby weaponized Julia Child's gas stove — Vox
Mainers vote down ballot measure to create consumer-owned utility — The Hill

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