Factor This!

Can the Northeast fix its interconnection slog?

August 07, 2023 Renewable Energy World Season 1 Episode 58
Factor This!
Can the Northeast fix its interconnection slog?
Show Notes

A simple mention of the word can send shivers down a developer's spine.


It's the bogeyman of the energy transition. Long delays and steep upgrade costs can doom projects before they ever get off the ground. The interconnection slog may be the single biggest threat to national and local clean energy and climate goals. And the people critical to improving the process — developers, utilities, and regulators — don't always get along, to say the least.

In Episode 56 of the Factor This! podcast, we head to the Northeast for a deeper insight into why this single issue has grown to be such a problem and how they just might fix it. We'll have the help of, you guessed it, a developer, a utility, and a regulator.

This episode features National Grid's distributed generation ombudsperson Michael Porcaro; Convergent Energy and Power regulatory affairs manager Emma Marshall-Torres, and Rhode Island PUC Commissioner Abigail Anthony.

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