Factor This!

A rosy future for agrivoltaics (without the thorns)

May 01, 2023 Renewable Energy World Season 1 Episode 48
Factor This!
A rosy future for agrivoltaics (without the thorns)
Show Notes

Agrivoltaics -- solar PV paired with livestock or crops -- make for rich marketing materials. Good luck finding a developer brochure free of grazing sheep.

But the project segment is far more than a kitschy niche.

While the concept is well-understood in Europe, the U.S. is still finding its way with agrivoltaics. Early iterations lacked scalability due to added costs and irrational system requirements established by policymakers.

Lucy Bullock-Sieger wants you to forget everything you think you know about agrivoltaics.

As the vice president of strategy for Boston-based developer Lightstar Renewables, Bullock-Sieger is on a mission to prove that agrivoltaics is ready for primetime with a new approach.

In addition to establishing a cost-neutral agrivoltaics development process, Lightstar has experienced improved community relations, expedited permits, and a mitigant to the interconnection nightmare.

Bullock-Sieger joined Episode 46 of the Factor This! podcast to break down the rosy future for agrivoltaics. 

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